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    Lee fisher's Mako net is an economy net... It really is not for the angler looking for top quality net. This is a good net with a good design 
    Because of the design an 8' net will really not open up to a full 16' across... 
    This is an economy net to be used in areas were you may have an issue with rocks or such and do not want to chance ripping a high end net... Or for just getting some quick bait. Not necessarily quantity of bait 
    I sell a lot of these nets. They are good.... I just want you to understand what you are getting 
    We ship the net for free without the bucket. - We can ship it reasonable using flat rate envelopes and boxes to keep costs down. 
    Photo shows with the bucket but with the cost of shipping the bucket does not ship economically. You can usually pick one up at your local hardware store for less than the cost to ship 
    if you want the bucket you can pay the add'l shipping for the bucket 
    We do carry other brands of Lee Fisher Nets 

    This sale is for a 3/8" square mesh (1/2" diagonal) Monofilament Cast net 
    1 lb of Lead per radius foot of net (example = 4' radius net = 4 lbs of lead)